I love cider and morbid shit.

Who doesn’t love the sweet, crisp taste of a hard cider after a day spent at work? Or at in the sun? Or pretty much anywhere really? It’s hard to go wrong with hard cider in any occasion, and while I may have only brewed it once (abysmally) it’s my hope that maybe one day, I’ll be able to give it more of my full attention. In the mean time, I thought I’d create a fictitious brand that combines my enthusiasm for hard cider with a healthy dose of mortality. The end result is Drowned Apple Ciderworks: My favorite cidery to never exist.

Drowned Apple Mockup.jpg

Logo Design

Keeping it fast and simple, I hit the sketchbook to get some logo ideas out on paper, then took my favorite to illustrator to finish it off. Not really sure where the straight lines, no curves rule came from, but once I instated it, it made the design process a little more cohesive.

Drowned Apple Logo.jpg

Three Flagship Flavors

With logo complete, I started a series of label illustrations. Aiming for a morbid, but still playful style, I kept with fairly bright colors, and tried to keep the drowning more implied than seen. Which one’s your favorite?

Drowned Apple1 (Geometry).jpg

Keeps your spirits high when the surf is low.

Drowned Apple3.jpg

A Pun-gent Aroma

Drowned Apple2.jpg

A little sweet to offset the bitter in life.