Artist Bio

Curtis Gould is a 20-something illustrator and graphic designer based in Portland, Oregon. He gets inspiration for his art from the world and, more importantly, the people around him. His art conveys themes of technology, society, and human emotions through thoughtful and colorful visual metaphors. Curtis believes that the greatest strength of an artist is to connect to other humans, whether that’s on a mass scale or an individual one, and hopes his art is able to do that.

When he is not pursuing a freelance work or adding to his illustrative and graphic design portfolios, Curtis enjoys board gaming, disc golfing, movie critiquing, and eating and drinking around Portland with his lovely friends.  

He has been published in The Royal Society of Chemistry’s Chemical Science, Peephole Magazine, and featured in the Academy of Art University's Spring Show and the Ijungle Awards. You can see more of his art on Instagram: @curtisgouldillustration